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Brand License

Extend the Flowtyverse and our legacy with your creativity 

Dear F.F. Flowty Friends,


we see this project of an open brand called Flowtys™ as the opportunity it is, and as a social experiment. We are doing this, because we believe in the freedom of creative expression. We want to contribute to public domain and hope you will use this to extend the Flowtyverse.


Please be carry on our values when promoting under the Flowtys™ brand. Be respectful of others. Be gentle and kind. Be open minded and thoughtful. Be creative and unique. Make the world a better place. And carry on the Flowtys™ brand legacy with your awesomeness.


Make everybody in our community proud to own a Flowty NFT. 

Flowtys™ License Agreement

between the Flowtys creators and the owners of one or more Flowty NFTs.

We, us the creators of Flowtys [or "Licensors"], hereby grant you, the owner of one or more Flowty NFTs [or "Licensee"], a free-of-charge, non-exclusive license to use the Flowtys™ brand name and logos for commercial and non-commercial projects of any kind. We also grant you the sole copyright to the respective Flowty artwork of the NFT you own.


This is an experiment, so don't fuck it up. We keep the right to withdraw from this license agreement as we see fit, specially in case of immoral activities, legal issues or violations to this agreement.

This license shall not mean an official partnership between Licensor and Licensee. You shall not promote any project under the Flowtys™ brand as an official partnership, unless with the our written approval. To get that, drop us your project in our Discord #brand-license channel. To keep things transparent, we will publish all official partnerships on the official website. All other projects running under the Flowtys™ brand name and logo shall have no relation nor legal responsibilities for the original creators of the Flowtys™ brand.


By taking use of this brand license you agree to take full legal and financial responsibility for your projects, activities and obligations running under the Flowtys™ brand. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us and our partners harmless from legal and financial backlash of any kind caused by your actions. You act and are liable as your own person, under your own name. In case your boat sinks, please don't drag the rest of us down with you. Be cool.

When taking use of this brand license you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and governmental order. Just, be nice.

Also keep in mind this is a work in progress, so we might have to change this license agreement if needed. We will announce such changes in the said Discord channel, but better check in from time to time just to be sure. And please do link this license agreement on any project using the Flowtys™ brand. Thank you and godspeed!

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