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The  MORPHING  avatars

Season by season, you decide if it morphs into something new

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Morphys are 10k unique 1920s cartoon characters which can change their appearance & traits on chain. When a new season begins, the owner decides whether or not their Morphys shall morph into its new seasonal appearance. The morphing changes its appearance and its traits, kinda like putting a costume on your Flowtys.

The COMMUNITY collectively decides

which traits become the rarest,

season by season.


More Information

Drawn by Hand

10k NOT animated Morphys for the boo season. All traits drawn by hand.

Untitled_Artwork 52.png

Ownership and IP

Morphy NFT owners have full commercial rights to the Morphys they hold.

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Access to the Cinema

Holding Morphys NFTs grants you access to our pd streaming service

Untitled_Artwork 49.png

Access to the Studio

Untitled_Artwork 51.png

Free for Hodlers

Morphys NFTs can be edited and downloaded from within the Flowtys studio

Minting and Morphing is priced according to your Flowtys' age.


If you own a Flowty, you can preview and mint the respective Morphy in its Halloween season outfit. You keep both, your Flowty NFT and your new Morphy NFT. The older your Flowty, the cheaper minting your Morphy is. If your hodl your Flowty from within first week of Flowtys NFT minting, minting your Morphys is free. 

Minting the Morphy NFT gets you a new NFT, additional to your Flowty NFT.

Flowtys_III 2.png
hand pointing.png
Flowtys 20.png


When a new Morphy Season is released, every Morphy owner will be able to preview and individually decide whether or not their Morphy shall morph into its new appearance. Morphing actively changes the traits and rarities of your NFT on chain.

IF you decide to morph, you keep the same NFT, but with new traits.

Flowtys_III 3.png
hand pointing.png
Flowtys_III 2copy.png

Got your Morphys ?

Then hop in the Flowtys STUDIO to do all kinds of stuff with them! Such as download profile pictures and generate custom banners and GIFs for social media. Don't forget the #Flowtys


Golden Cinema Tickets

Our virtual cinema room is exclusively accessible for owners of our NFTs. You can enter it for free by connecting a wallet with a Flowty or Ticket NFT in it. Once in, you can:

Photo by TonyTheTiger, CC, edited

2. save your favourites into a list 

1. watch regularly added PD cartoons & movies

1933 Betty Boop : Snow White

Join the conversation !

Love the art
but can't afford
the candy ?

WE LOVE YOU anyway.

Win a lucky Morphy NFT by tweeting about @FlowtysNFT

from your morphiest of friends


Pipeeye &
Snow Bunny


hank you fo' morphin' around

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