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„The NFT elevates this classic genre to Still Life 2.0“ —  NZZ, read Interview

“Still lives of flowers taken with a special ultra-long exposure technique.” — MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, read

“A film-like image, a time-lapse photography that continually overplays and contours itself.
A new art form, born out of the uncanniness of all becoming.” — 
W. Eilenberger, Philosopher, read



Artist, Photographer

Professional photographer who  gained global recognition for his extreme long exposure photo art with self built cameras.

Homepage, Instagram


Crypto Artist, Web3 Brand

The artists behind the first generative NFT art collection to age on chain by changing the metadata via smart contract.

Homepage, Twitter, Discord

These digital artworks „age“ as time passes

These artworks only exist because of the two-folded artistic dynamic of Capture and Display. Brought together, these create a new generation of the still life art genre which is does not just capture a moment in time, but let’s it be relived over and over again forever. Or as the philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger has beautifully described it after learning about this project: „capture temporality in a picture“. Read full article

Time. Capture. Display.

Once the cycle ends and the Flower has died, it restarts and the flower is reborn.

The faster, the rarer.
The slower, the cheaper.

The three bloom velocities are accelerated, real time and slowed down. Each of the three accelerated artworks exist each only 1x. Three other artworks bloom in real time just as the flower did, each limited to 100 copies. And three flowers are offered as open editions at an affordable prize, these will bloom over about one year’s time.


ca. 1 year

3 artworks

Open Edition


8 hours

3 artworks


Real Time

5 – 10 days

3 artworks


The Artworks

Wesely x Flowtys NFT

Stilleben (9.1.-19.1.2022)

1/1, Accelerated

Stilleben (16.12.-27.12.2021)

1/1, Accelerated

Stilleben (9.1.-19.1.2022)

1/1, Accelerated

Stilleben (7.12.-19.12.2021)

1/100, Real Time

Stilleben (19.1.-28.1.2022)

1/100, Real Time

Stilleben (9.1.-18.1.2022)

1/100, Real Time

Stilleben (21.12.-1.1.2022)

1/TBD, Slowed Down

Stilleben (29.12.2021-8.1.2022)

1/TBD, Slowed Down

Stilleben (9.1.-19.1.2022)

1/TBD, Slowed Down

Technical Info

Verified Contract 0x603E1A2591c29C86316d3b34f583F0fe0B0c0bD1
Nifty Gateway Collection /stilllife2_0
Opensea Collection

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The Aging NFTs.

Dear Mr. Wesely – you are actually an old school photographer – who still makes still lifes today?

I guess with old school you mean the analog photography, which I learned in the 80s in ...

10% will be donated to Ukraine

to help children via SOS Kinderdorf Ukraine


How can I purchase these digital artworks?
We are currently preparing the next drop, more information on how to purchase the artwork will follow soon.

How does ownership of digital art work?
Ownership of digital art works via a non-fungible token (NFT) which is a digital certificate of ownership built on blockchain technology. That contains the provenance, the history, and all activities surrounding a digital asset. It is on the blockchain - meaning the activities can be viewed by the public and it is immutable - it cannot be forged, never.

Can I resell the digital artwork I purchased?
Yes. If you own an NFT, you can resell it. There are platforms which enable public listings and a secondary market. When reselling NFTs there are fees which get automatically cut off the reselling price, such as the platform fee (usually 2.5 to 5 %) and artist royalties (usually between 2.5 to 10%)


How can a digital artwork age?
This is possible due to smart contracts, which are applications on the blockchain. Flowtys created a unique custom smart contract which enables artworks to age with the passing of time.


Can I hang up this digital artwork on a wall?
Yes, it will eventually be possible. There are web3 frames specifically built to display digital artworks, such as Tokenframe. We have partnered up to soon allow displaying of aging artworks on their frames.


Is there a physical print edition?
Yes. There will be physical prints in cooperation with NZZ, which can be purchased here:

Tokenframe intends to support the Still Life 2.0 aging NFTs use case in the future.

Don't want to miss the drop?


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