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Mint Meme Mickey with $INK or ETH.


The  aging  1920s  avatars

The longer you hodl a Flowty in your wallet, the older it gets.



Flowtys are 10k unique characters backed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. All animation frames were drawn by hand. The ERC-721 verified Flowtys Smart Contract: 0x52607cb9c342821ea41ad265B9Bb6a23BEa49468

A stand for public domain

This project is a love letter to the art and critique on the company spending Millions of Dollars to extend copyright terms while licensing public domain goods, exploiting our cultural heritage. 


Or as Wisecrack has put it correctly, D. „takes [once public domain] stories like Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty or the Hunchback of Notre Dame and throws them into the commercial meat grinder. […] They’ve been doing this for the past hundred years.“


Therefore, we do the opposite.


Fair Distribution

Drawn by Hand

10k Flowtys animated at 12 frames/second. All frames were drawn by hand.

Ownership and IP

Flowtys NFT owners have full commercial rights to the Flowtys they hold.

Special Giveaways

NFTs & Merch giveaways and future NFT projects airdrop to Flowty owners.

Equal Chances

All common, rare and super rare Flowtys are distributed fair and randomly.

Fair Prices

Collecting one Flowty from initial sales costs 0.08 Ξ. No bonding curve or tiers.

*47 Flowtys were withheld from sales for giveaways and 3 for the team.

Aging Concept

The Flowtys concept looks back an entire century. Simpler times when all art and media was still analogue. In contrast to todays’ digital media, analogue movie reels were strongly affected by time. This inspired us to create Flowtys, utilizing the unique opportunity blockchain tech provides to alter the artwork over time: 

*** The longer you hold it in your wallet, the older it gets.

Flowtys only age while staying in the same wallet. The transfer of a Flowty from one wallet to another restarts the counter. Once the aging time threshhold was surpassed and the Flowty has aged, it cannot be reversed. Yes, time’s a bitch.

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erosion text2_3x.png
erosion text2_3x.png

It is Supes Season

Morphys are Flowtys in seasonal changing holiday costumes. Only Flowtys owners can mint Morphys. And owners can decide whether or not their Morphys shall morph into the next costume.

Milestones & Activations

Our goal is to provide longterm value to our community. We intend to do so by working to launch more features as we go. We always deliver more than promised, like the unannounced Studio and Morphys.



Golden Cinema Grand Opening ✓



Listing Flowtys on ✓



Surprise NFT for #1 collector with most Flowtys


Future projects & airdrops to Flowtys owners


studio anchor

Got your Flowtys ?

Then hop in the Flowtys STUDIO to do all kinds of stuff with them! Such as download profile pictures and generate custom banners and GIFs for social media. Don't forget the #Flowtys

cinema anchor

Our Streaming Service Flowtys+ is exclusively accessible for owners of our NFTs. You can enter it for free by connecting a wallet with a Flowty or Ticket NFT in it. Once in, you can:

Photo by TonyTheTiger, CC, edited

2. save your favourites into a list 

1. watch regularly added PD cartoons & movies

1933 Betty Boop : Snow White

Golden Cinema Tickets


Looking for Wearables ?

Then it's time to check out our zero commission merch shop. There you only pay for production, and you can find lots of different Flowtyverse merchandise made with mucho love.

Join the conversation !

Love the art
but can't spend
the gold ?

WE LOVE YOU anyway.

Win a lucky Flowty NFT by tweeting about @FlowtysNFT


hank you fo' flowtin' around

from your flowtiest of friends

D.D. "Doofy" Doof,
& Poopeye 

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