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Welcome to NFTs

How to get a crypto wallet and Ethereum on it in only 3 steps

Owning an NFT means to own a limited digital asset certified by the artist and being part of an incredibly innovative community. It’s a great new way to support independent artists you care about while collecting rare artworks you love.


To start collecting NFTs, you only need 3 things:

Here’s 3 easy steps to get a wallet with ETH in it (best done a couple days before Mint):


Install a Crypto Supportive Browser

In order to access web3 blockchain-based applications you need a Browser which supports crypto wallet add-ons, such as Chrome or Brave. If you haven’t already, just install them on your computer (not mobile) and you’re good for the next step.


Install Metamask Add-On is a commenly used crypto wallet interface. You can easily install the add-on to Chrome or Brave and create your first crypto wallet. You’ll get a public key (e.g. 0x5Bf79ed30cf295401e2BdfC4431af8B1cdF038F1) which is similar to your home address: people can use it to send you stuff — and you will get a private key, a 64 digits code or 24 words sequence used to access your wallet. If the public key is your home address, you can think of the private key as the key to your home. Please never give your private key to anyone, as they could easily access your wallet and steal everything in it. Once you have your wallet, you can use it to easily login to web3 services such as Opensea, most commenly used marketplace for NFTs.

this is your public key

safe to share


Get ETH in your wallet

As with everything else, there are many ways to get ETH, like through crypto exanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken or Bittrex. But the probably fastest way to get ETH in your wallet is via Moonpay, a sort of Paypal for Crypto. With it you can purchase ETH with your credit card or via bank wire and get it sent directly to your wallet, just by inserting your public key. Keep in mind this process might take a couple days.

'How much ETH do I need?' you might ask. Well, it depends on how many NFTs are you planning on purchasing

Still got questions?

We’re happy to help! Join our community in Discord, everyone is happy to help and guide you through the process in the #community-help channel

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